What company makes roof shingles?

Rating 4, 9 (21) · Top 5 Roofing Tile Brands · CertainTeed · GAF · Owens Corning · Atlas · TAMKO · Find a great roofing contractor by asking the right questions. Some of the top shingle manufacturers in the United States include CertainTeed Roofing, GAF, IKO, Malarkey Roofing, Owens Corning and Pabco Roofing Products. They all offer great products and have been producing shingles for many years. Some brands are more common in certain areas of the country.

Some roofing contractors have certifications with certain shingle manufacturers and may offer extended warranties, which is why they recommend specific shingles. Like cars or other consumer products, all shingles have advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find a brief description of each shingle manufacturer. Owens Corning shingles rank second in market share.

The company produces high-quality shingles at a great price and has superior customer service compared to other brands. If OC shingles are properly installed, you can be sure that you have a strong roof that will last for years. If you're considering a synthetic roofing material such as composite slate, beaten cedar, or Spanish Barrel shingles, Brava Roof Tile offers the best material available. When the shingle roof shows some potential signs, such as cracked shingles or bald areas where granules are missing, it's time to replace them.

Finding the best shingle for your home requires careful research from each roofing manufacturer to ensure you choose the shingle that best suits your needs. The roofing material you choose for replacement has a significant impact on the entire roofing project. TAMKO offers residential and commercial roofing products, as well as waterproofing, cement and coating products. No matter where you live, GAF shingles have a roofing option that will help you express your personal touch that makes your house your home.

I appreciate you talking about wooden slats and that they are a much better wood option if you want a ceiling that will last a long time. To make sure you're making the right hiring decision, get the list of questions to ask a roofing contractor. Diverse, equitable and inclusive equipment underpins the leadership of GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. They lose their flexibility, durability and waterproofness, making the roof vulnerable to leaks and other structural damage.

One of the country's leading manufacturers of residential roofing systems, it offers roofs with exposed fasteners, vertical joints and patterned profiles that have great external appeal. GAF is one of the country's most popular roofing brands and has consistently produced high-quality roofing materials. Like other shingle brands, you'll have the opportunity to get an improved warranty on your Heritage Woodgate, Heritage Premium and Heritage Vintage lines by purchasing a complete roof system.