Which is better owens corning or gaf shingles?

In terms of product quality, both GAF and Owens Corning have excellent shingles, but GAF shingles offer more protection against wind and hail. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a reputable brand is that both roofing manufacturers have many years of experience in the industry. If you need to repair a roof within 5 or 10 years, chances are you can get the same shingles, as companies have a great reputation and quality products. Our team of professionals can help you with roof replacement, which is essential to protect your home from the leak problems that can occur with old, outdated roofs.

In addition, we offer roof installation if you are working on a new construction project. GAF says: “Before, only shingles with white granules could pass cold roof tests. In fact, most roofing contractors and home inspectors consider the quality of GAF and OC shingles to be generally good overall. What's worth noting with GAF and Owens Corning is that the 25- and 30-year warranties on 3-tab shingles can be upgraded to lifetime warranties when using a complete roofing system (from roof to ridge shingles) from the same brand.

Most wind warranties are 130 MPH; HDZ and AH shingles have an unlimited wind warranty when a GAF roof system is installed complete with initial band shingles, roof roof roof shingles, and attic ventilation or leak barrier, such as Deck-Armor. If you're looking for a complete roofing system, the GAF Lifetime roofing system could be the right solution for your home. When opting for GAF products, it's also important to work with a contractor or roofing company that has experience working with these products. GAF also offers a lifelong roofing system: Timberline shingles, barrier against leaks in the valley, paper for roof covers, initial strip shingles, attic ventilation and roof roof shingles for ridges and ventilation grilles.