What's general contractor?

A general contractor, prime contractor or prime contractor is responsible for the daily supervision of a construction site, managing vendors and businesses, and communicating information to all parties involved throughout a Wikipedia In the construction industry, a general contractor is the person responsible for overseeing a construction project. Typically, homeowners hire general contractors to ensure that a construction job is completed safely, on time, and in accordance with specifications. A simple general definition for a contractor is someone who coordinates and oversees all aspects of a construction or remodeling project. This includes obtaining the appropriate permits for the project and hiring, scheduling and supervising the work of other subcontractors, such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

General engineering and construction contractors generally oversee projects and coordinate specific licensed subcontractors for a job. Typically, specialized contractors or subcontractors are hired to perform a single job. For example, if you only need roofing or plumbing work, you may want to hire a contractor licensed in that particular specialty. A general contractor acts as the manager of a construction or remodeling project.

Their job is to oversee the project and coordinate materials and schedules with the different subcontractors. General contractors should also contact all parties involved, including owners, to move the project forward and manage any problems or setbacks that may arise.