Does home depot have roofing contractors?

Home improvement companies like Home Depot now offer roof replacement and installation services, in addition to selling roofing materials. However, when choosing a roofing contractor, you should ensure that you have technicians with extensive experience who have been trained for your exact roofing problem. For more information on roof replacement and installation, see our home services department. Home Depot is ending its roofing installation business, according to several media outlets.

This is what I suggest you do. All shingle manufacturers, GAF, Owens Corning and Certainteed, have approved contractor programs. They ensure that the contractor has the right training and sufficient financial resources and insurance to do the job properly. I found a local contractor on each manufacturer's website and asked him to come and give me estimates.

In addition, I compared these companies to the local BBB website. I consulted with local roofing contractors and then chose The Home Depot because the seller convinced me that Home Depot would back up their work if I ever ran into any problems. Attic ventilation preserves the life of the roof cover and other components of the structure, extends the performance of the roof tile and reduces cooling costs. The first time I was warned that the transaction was bad I was close to finishing the roof installation, the contractor called me to tell me that I needed to add additional charges for materials that were not part of the original contract.

However, it was expensive, and since the asphalt roof is expected to last at least 20 years, I didn't think it was necessary to pay a premium for the metal roof. You may realize that hiring a professional to install your residential roofs is the best option for your situation, but your research won't be in vain; knowing what to expect will allow you to assess the integrity of the contractor you hire. Spending a little more on good materials will pay off in the long run, but don't rely too much on the guarantees on roofing products, as they are only a general guide to how long the roof can last, but not a guarantee. Half of the seller's speech consisted of showing me articles about unscrupulous roofing contractors who had scammed people.