What can i do if a contractor doesn't finish the job in texas?

Fortunately, Texas civil laws allow homeowners to sue a contractor or developer for breach of contract. Breach of contract is a form of civil litigation. When you hire a contractor, you enter into a contract with that contractor. They promise to complete the work in a timely manner, and you agree to pay the costs associated with that work.

This contract generally sets out the specific characteristics of the work in detail, including the materials required and the design and scope of the project. Both parties are contractually obliged to fulfill their part of the agreement. If one party fails to fulfill their part of the contract, the aggrieved party can file a civil lawsuit. For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has worked to connect consumers with companies they can trust.

Filing a complaint with the BBB may be enough to persuade the contractor to finish the work or return what is owed to them. Re-read the contract you signed to determine if there is any way to exclude yourself from the agreement due to the extension of the term. If so, the best option may be to cancel the contract and find a new contractor to complete the work. However, it's important to ensure that you've received everything you paid for before canceling the contract.

There can be many reasons for the disappearance of the contractor, some understandable ones being that the contractor became ill or injured on another job, for example. For example, if you paid the contractor to purchase new kitchen appliances, make sure they are in your possession before firing the contractor.